Project Management

Project Management

Project management
There are many skills needed to develop an effective communication project. This is why it is necessary to direct the orchestra of professionals, enhancing each component in the necessary time with a Project Management activity that produces the highest possible quality.

What it consist in:

after an initial brief with the client we evaluate which activities it is necessary to activate. Consequently we consider which technologies and professionalism it is necessary to involve. The Project Manager simplifies the management, not only for the team ad a point of reference, but also, and above all, for the company / initiative that can have a single interlocutor with whom to interface, while maintaining the possibility (when necessary) of making technical investigations while remaining guided by a strategic figure.


customized according to the specific activity.

My metrics:

I have managed and coordinated teams for communication projects of up to 20 people. Among the more complex initiatives I have managed is the Douja d'Or: involving national journalists, television, radio, banners in the metro, stations and airports, digital marketing activities, influencers and print media.

Some companies I have worked with:

How much it costs:

the pricing is customized according to specific needs.

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