Acquiring new knowledge through training allows you to increase your autonomy and is an investment that remains, not only in the short term, but also in the medium-long one.

Why do the activity

If an activity is essential for your business it may be useful and a priority to acquire more knowledge or be updated on the latest trends. Learning allows you to gain more independence and continuously apply what you have learned for the benefit of your organization.

What it consists of:

following the identification of specific needs, we will define one or more training meetings (face-to-face or remotely online) to share the required knowledge.


it can be used on a personal / single level or as an organization.

My metrics:

during my professional activity I have trained over 50 companies with "in house" training and more than 1,500 people including courses and events (management levels, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, freelancers and startups). I am a speaker at SMAU and I continuously participate in national events in the world of innovation.

Some companies I have worked with:

How much it costs:

the pricing is customized according to specific needs.

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