The skills to make an online business work better are various which is why a comparison and accompaniment with an expert figure can make the difference in generating the success of an initiative saving time and resources.

Why carry out the activity

It is an action I recommend doing when you do not want to outsource skills, but need to integrate your own (or those of your organization) with an external professional point of reference.

What it consists of:

following a first meeting to define the activities, periodic meetings are developed (usually 2 - 3h) allowing you to share the current challenges of the business and evaluate together how to proceed, with which channels and through which specific actions . The company (you) provides us with the expertise of the sector and the professional expert (I) makes available his skills and many years of experience in communicating, promoting and developing your business and / or your initiative.


customized according to each specific activity.

My metrics:

I have collaborated with over 100 SMEs and Freelancers in this way, appreciated especially in Go To Market situations or in implementing specific business development actions.

Some companies I have worked with:

How much it costs:

the pricing is customized according to specific needs.

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