Fall in love with the problem, not with the solution.

The why of things. The vision. Relationships. As a person all of these are fundamental to me even before being a professional. My skills are available for ambitious dreamers, humble enterprisers and tireless adventurers.

I develop and support, together with creative commitment and analytical skills, entrepreneurial and communication projects always starting off from the strategy of understanding which path can be best towards a natural evolution of the business given the objectives and tools available. I am focused on ROI – Return Of Investment both in the short, and especially in the medium and long, term. This can be done naturally and at its best when there is maximum collaboration on the part of those choosing to involve me.

Developing a Digital Strategy means defining, step by step, how to achieve the specific objectives you intend to aim for. It starts with an analysis of the market and the competition, continues with a careful study of the audience and consequently moves on to the choice of channels following an ad hoc timeline.

It is often necessary and useful to carry out an analysis of one’s business and an effective strategy using the correct Business Design tools, even before communication, to make the latter effective.

There are many skills needed to develop an effective communication project. This is the reason for which it is necessary to direct the orchestra of professionals enhancing each component in its necessary time with a Project Management activity that produces the highest possible quality.

The skills necessary to make an online business work better are numerous which is why discussion and guidance, together with an expert figure, can make the difference in generating the success of an initiative as well as saving time and resources.

Acquiring new knowledge through training allows you to increase your autonomy and is an investment that remains, not only in the short term, but also in the medium-long term.